Box Brokers introduces display series designed by Larry Johnson for independent stores

I met with the staff at Box Brokers in Brea, California during the winter months and they decided to introduce a new line of displays that specifically work with the display principles I have championed for years. The initial inventory has been ordered and is due in their warehouse in June 2021. The stock inventory is designed to work with the 20-40-40 display strategy. It is all magnetic. It is available in 4 popular colors and fabrics from stock with immediate delivery. Before you buy new displays this year, take a look at the new line from Box Brokers and see if it makes sense for you.

Call Brandon or Dustin at 800-809-3868 for information.

You can also call me at 817-980-2135 for a free 30 minute consultation on the best way for you to improve your sales through better display.