LJCS 3-Day Consulting Option

LJCS offers several different consulting services to fit our clients needs, timetable and budget. They are:

The Remote “No-visit” telephone consult (Perfect for a budget conscious store)

The “Blitz”, a 1-day in-store highlights visit

The “Works”, a full 3-day in-store in depth visit.(as explained below)

Here’s our “Elevator” speech for “The Works” consulting service.

We go into our clients stores for about 3 days and rearrange their displays to accomplish their goals by implementing proven visual merchandising strategies. We can design a layout and order new displays if needed. Our goal is to increase stores sales, increase margins, train your staff in good display and reduce labor costs.

In 9 wordsWe fix what’s wrong with the displays in your store!

The cost is $4950 plus travel. (Larger stores requiring more time than 3 days on-site may incur a surcharge.)

Here are more “Details” of the work accomplished during the 3-day on-site visit for $4950.

We come to your store for a 2-4 days and we rearrange your display presentation to increase your sales and profits. The details depend on the wants and needs of the client but the following list of efforts is typical.

We analyze your store sales data (Edge) and help you allocate your showcase space to achieve your goals. We also help you find holes in your inventory that are costing you sales.

We implement a Good-Better-Best (20-40-40) display strategy.
We implement a “Bridal by style” display strategy in your Bridal area.
We implement a “Top 10 Gift ideas” program.
We implement a “What’s new?” Promo plan.
We evaluate all your program trays like Diamond ear studs, Diamond pendants, Anniversary bands etc. to be more productive.
We shop your competition to see how your presentation stacks up to theirs and what your customer experiences there.
We help you organize the way you store your displays to speed up the daily “put out/ take in” process and reduce wear and tear on your elements and reduce labor costs..
We “declutter” your store to eliminate distractions to purchases.
We add appropriate in-case signage that adds to sales growth.
We fix your window displays if you have them.
We train your staff in display techniques in 3-4 meetings during the visit so they can keep up the new changes after the visit.

We give you a FREE copy of our book, “The complete guide to effective jewelry display.”

IF YOU NEED NEW DISPLAYS, we figure out the best kind for your store, determine how many you need, colors, materials and get multiple quotes for you with my discount. We lay them out by case for easy reference. We order them for you and can even come back and install them if you wish.

We follow-up with you by telephone in 30 and 90 days after the visit to be sure everything we did is working. If it is not, we fix it!

Each of our consulting services is 100% guaranteed. If you are not pleased with the services you received, you do not pay the fee.