The “What’s new?” Promotion concept

No one likes to shop at a jewelry store that never has any new merchandise. Many stores have a constant source of new pieces arriving weekly but they do a lousy job of communicating “What’s new?” to the customer.

LJCS customer solve this dilemma by using a whiteboard on an easel to convey new arrivals. Total cost is usually under $100 with the board and easel being purchased at any office supply store. (Staples, Office Depot etc.)

Handwrite the new arrivals on the board as they come in. Be sure the sales staff know where each piece is in the cases.

When a piece on the board is sold, DO NOT erase the listing. Draw a line through it. This will allow the customer to still read the listing and realize they are “too late” to see it and need to come in more often. If you photograph each new piece you receive, you can still show your customer a photo of the piece they missed and possibly order one for them.

Assign someone in the store with good penmanship to be responsible for keeping the sign up to date and placed near the front door each day.

Example of white board sign in use
Another example of suggesting items to a customer through signage from a lingerie shop