Approximate monthly payment signage

Chain jewelry stores sell a majority of their merchandise through financing. When you simply have a sign in your case saying “We offer in-store fnancing” it is nice but ineffective. Use a sign that contains the approximate monthly payment for the price range of the case where the sign lives.

Now your sales associate can spend time selling instead of entering numbers on a calculator. At the early stages of the sale, it does not matter to 99% of customers whether the monthly payment for a nice ring is $246.50 per month or about $250.

The sign holder in the photo is available from several vendors. National Box has the display and this website (under “Free Stuff/ Templates” is a template that makes creating a professional sign very easy.

Always have the sign show payments for price points about 20% higher than the most expensive piece in the case. example: If the most expensive piece in the case is $15,000, have the payment table go up to $25,000.

Payment or sign wedge