Larry Johnson 2023-24 Seminar Offerings

The following seminars are typical of the type often given by Larry Johnson. In each case, the length is about 45 minutes with 15 additional minutes available for questions. These times are not fixed and can be extended or shortened to meet the needs of your group. Call Larry at 817-980-2135 to discuss further.

How to adjust your store’s display presentation to match the public’s human decision-making tendencies.

Dr. Dan Ariely of Duke University has studied people’s behavioral habits for decades and determined that many of their decisions are “predictably irrational.”  His findings can be found in his best-selling books and in his popular “TED” talks. In this seminar, Larry Johnson will review the primary conclusions that Ariely has made and applied them to the display of jewelry.  What type of merchandise should go where? Why do most customers buy the “in-between” items in both price and size?  How much merchandise should your cases display to maximize sales? How big an assortment is needed to satisfy your customer? How does the presentation being made by your sales staff help or hurt this process?

These questions and others will be covered in this informative seminar, which is complete with both good and bad showcase images to illustrate the points and help you apply the findings to your store.

Time: 45 min + 10 min for questions. (This timeframe is changeable as needed.)

The top 10 list of mistakes jewelers make when displaying jewelry

Very few retail jewelers have any training in Visual Merchandising. Very few store employees have any as well. Therefore, mistakes in the presentation of their merchandise are often made.

In this seminar, (which like all LJCS seminars is updated annually) the primary mistakes in positioning, element choice, color, vendor supplied displays, signage, arrangement and other factors are explained and solutions to each are presented. This seminar has been given many times over the years and is a favorite.

Time: 45 min + 10 min for questions. (This timeframe is changeable as needed.)

What’s your stores sign?  Increasing the power of instore signage to grow your sales

This seminar gives practical ideas you can implement in your store to utilize signage in your store to improve your sales. We explore in-case signage that adds to the power of your sales presentation. Interior wall signage ideas are covered. Samples of the use of emotional adjectives in your store ads are discussed and a handout list of effective adjectives is provided to all attendees. Vendor sources for implementing all ideas are included in the handout. Images of both good and bad examples make the content of this seminar easy to follow. An in-depth handout with all major points listed is included in this seminar.

Five ideas for changes in your Bridal case display environment that will immediately increase your diamond sales!

After visiting on-sight with hundreds of independent retail jewelry stores, the speaker has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to bridal display arrangement. He has also seen terrific examples that produce ever-increasing sales. In this seminar, the speaker shows you the 5 best-practices you can implement in your Bridal cases (and apply to the remainder of the store as well) to boost your sales and profits. Details include organizing your cases to match your sales presentation, Signage needed in your cases, A more effective way to increase Bridal financing, display types that work best for the Bridal category. An in-depth handout is included in the seminar.

What’s it usually cost to upgrade the looks of my store these days?

Whether your store needs a little update or a complete remodel. It can be an overwhelming (and expensive) task. In this seminar, visual merchandising expert, Larry Johnson will walk you through the process in a step by step approach with approximate costs for updates like new showcases, lighting, displays, wall treatments, floor covering and the like.  A list of what to do and what NOT to do is included in the handout. A resource list of places to find the best options is included in the handout. Actual projects from IJO retailers will be shown along with budgets and comments on what each store would have done again or differently in hindsight.

Custom topics- Tell me what you want and I can likely create it for you

If you have a specific need in mind, contact me. I have wirtten and presented many seminars at the request of an association or group.