My Store Monitor/My Store Menu

My StoreMonitor is an effective way to put your store TV to work for you selling your store services and actual jewelry pieces you have in your showcases. For only $99 per month, (with no contract!) you receive a new, professionally-created slideshow of 50-100 images, personalized to your store featuring all the selling points you offer. You will receive a new show each month with extra seasonal slides specific to that month. The images all will work seamlessly on your social media posts as well. Click on this link or call Eric Anderson at (682)551-7130 for more info: .

Here is a sample video of a typical slideshow….

My Store Menu is a printed “menu” 6 page document you give to customers as they enter. It is a perfect promotional idea in these post Covid-19 days. The topic of the menu can be Great Gift ideas, Great Bridal ideas, Great Custom jewelry ideas, etc.

Here are some examples you will find interesting.