Consulting for Manufacturers

Over my career, I have designed many display and packaging solutions for jewelry manufacturers. I understand the unique challenges manufacturers face in creating displays to be provided to their accounts. Manufacturers are trying to establish their brand identity. Space is often limited. Budgets are always strict. Retailers are usually wary. Deadlines are inevitably short.
I am familiar with the best way to create effective solutions that will support the merchandise sales. The display must never be the reason why a sale to the retailer or to his customer is lost. It must work for everyone.
A few years back, I was asked by Jeff Roberts, President of Independent Jewelers Organization, to speak to the IJO vendors about how to make their displays more effective. I conducted a survey of IJO retailers learning what they liked and hated bout vendor-provided displays. The results were surprising. Let me share my expertise with you to keep your firm from repeating these old and new mistakes.

Getting started
The best way to get started is a free telephone conversation during which time we will discuss the challenges, issues , timeframe and budgets involved in the clients needs. In this candid exchange, we both get an opportunity to determine if the project and my services are a match. If so, then the next step is identified and scheduled. My fees and your expectations are agreed to and the work is begun. Often these conversations are followed by the sending of photos, product information and other data to make the most of the next step.
I am happy to provide a list of references of jewelry manufacturers that I have worked with if you’d like to talk to them.

Past Clients:

In recent years, I have been involved creating displays for the following manufacturers:

RDI Diamonds, Rochester, NY

Ostbye, Minneapolis, MN

Mark Schneider, CA