How to wrap a showcase floorboard

Wrapping a floorboard with new fabric is one of the least expensive and quickest ways to give your cases a “new look.” It is important, however, to use quality fabrics that are made for display use to avoid a potential catastrophe.

I strongly suggest fabrics from CW Fifield in Hingham, MA because they are made for the difficult conditions inside a jewelry showcase. Visit their website at

If you want a leatherette, stay with Vienna. or its cheaper cousin, Integrity If you prefer a suede look, use Charisma. I also like the newer Inspirations line if the fabric will not be subjected to a great deal of scuffing.

Order your fabric from National Box at 800-251-6008 or Presentation Box at 800-556-7390.

Here is a link to an excellent video produced by Presentation Box and Display on how to wrap a floorboard. Presbox floorboard video