Suggested Vendors

After many years of being in the jewelry display/fixture/packaging industry, I have had dealings with many suppliers. I am happy to give you any specific input (positives and negatives) upon request. I also have a list of vendors to definitely avoid!! Call me at 817-980-2135 for my n/c confidential opinion and save yourself much expense and grief!

Here is a list of the Vendors I suggest:

FYI- Several of these vendors are detailed further on this part of our website. Place your mouse over the “Suggested Vendors” tab to see the detailed pages.

Showcases and Fixtures:

Lighting for Diamonds. Jorge- 786-287-1031.

Grice Showcase. Keely-800-474-2346

JMJ Showcases. Mike- 269-948-2828

Store Interior Design:

Grid 3- Ruth Mellegaard- 917-470-7519

Jesse Balaity- 941-961-9079

Leslie McGwire -248-912-2661

Jewelry Displays:

Box Brokers Group- 800-809-3868 Brandon r Dustin

Alfa/National Box and Display- 800-251-6008- Lisa

Marketing graphics:

My Store Monitor- Eric Anderson-682-551-7130

Jewelry Packaging:

Box Brokers Group 800-809-3868- Brandon or Dustin

Alfa/National Box and Display- 800-251-6008- Lisa

Sales training:

Performance Concepts- Kate Petersen- 330-492-1100

ExSell-Ence- Shane Decker 719-488-4077


Lighting for Diamonds- Jorge-786-287-1031