The front 6″ of your showcase and how to use it properly.

A common mistake jewelers make when setting up their showcases each day is pushing merchandise too far toward the front (Customer side) of the showcases. Maybe this results from having too much merchandise on possibly the wrong elements and needing all the space they can get.

Regardless of the motive, it is a mistake.

No one likes to shop when they are uncomfortable and that is the result of this mistake.

Most elements today are made at an angle which makes the tray “angle” toward the customer. These are wonderful when used at the middle or back of the showcase, but they are often used at the front making it impossible for the customer to see the jewelry as it was designed. This requires the customer to bend at the waist and look through the front glass of the case with their posterior out in the aisle.

Use only flat trays at the front of the case to fix this problem.

Try to avoid anything in the front 3″ of the showcases.

Use flat trays near the front of the case and angled displays at the back
These angled trays are as far forward as possible to allow the rings to be seen from the top glass