Our references

The list below contains only clients we have worked with since we began Larry Johnson Consulting in January 2014. Larry worked with literally thousands of stores during the 30 years he was selling jewelry displays but they are not listed here.

The list also includes whether the client required a “Store update” of existing displays or “New Store design” needing all new displays.

We will provide contact information, names and numbers to any store you wish to contact to discuss the value of our consulting services. Call 817-980-2135 for the information.

United States       
  Alabama Jeff Dennis Jewelers  Store update
  Arkansas Faye’s Diamonds  Store update
    Carters Jewel Chest  New Store Design
    Laurays Diamond Center  Store Update
    Linden Jewelers  Store Update
    Murphy- Pitard  Store Update
    Sissy’s Log Cabin  New Store Design
    Tara Fine Diamonds  New store design
  Arizona Diamond Jim’s Jewelry  New store design
    Hamra Jewelers  Store remodel
  California Ballard and Ballard  Store update
    Classic Designs  Store Update
    Lantz Diamonds  Store update
    Simone & Sons  New Store Design
    Van Gundy Diamonds x 2  Store update x2
  DC Mervis Diamonds x3  Store Update x 3
  Florida Five Star Jewelers x4  New Store Designx 4
    Bere’s Jewelers  New store design
  Georgia Tena’s Jewelers  Store Update
    Bashinskis Jewelers  Store Update
  Indiana Martin Binder  New store design
    Koerber Jewelers  New store design
  Iowa Beckers jewelers x2  Store update
  Kansas Burnells  Store Update
    Kuhn’s Jewelry  New Store design
  Louisiana Aucoin- Hart  New Store Design
    Everett Jewelers  Store update
    Layne’s Jewelry  New displays
  Maryland Dickinsons Jewelers x 2  Store update x 2
  Massachusetts H Brandt  Store Update
  Michigan Coughlin Jewelers  New displays
    Michele and Co  New displays
  Missouri Drenon jewelers  New Store Design
    Galleria Jewelers  Store update
    Mitchums Jewelers  New Store Design
  Minnesota Exclusively Diamonds  Store update
    Grahams Jewelers  Store design
  New York David Mann  Store update
    Designs by Rizos  Store update
    Contempo Jewelers  Store Update
  North Carolina Rene’s Jewelers  Store update
  North Dakota Zorells Jewelers  Store Update
  Ohio Harris Jewelers  Store update
    Komara Jewelers  New Store Design
  Oklahoma Mead Jewelers  Store update
    Mitchells Jewelry  Store update
    Jay’s Jewelers  Store update
  Oregon Hollidays Jewelers  Store Update
    Holly McHone Jewelers  Store update
  Pennsylvania Beeghly Jewelers  Store Update
    Confers Jewelry x2  Store Update x2
    Breakiron Jewelers  Store Update
  South Carolina Galloway & Moseley x2  Store update x2
    Croghans Jewel Box  New Store Design
  Tennessee Woodards Jewelers  New Store Design
  Texas Acori Diamonds  Store Update
    Barnes Jewelers  Store update
    Segner’s jewelers  Store update
    Moores Jewelers  Store update
    Legend Jewelers  Store update
    Crockers Jewelers  New store design
    Ernesto’s Jewelers  Store Update
  Virginia Bowen Jewelers  Store update
  Washington Clines Jewelers  Store Update
    Panowicz Diamonds  Store update
    Comstock Jewelers  Store update
Canada British Columbia Ragnars  Store Update
  Ontario Taylors Jewellers  Store update
International Aruba La Estrella  New Store Design
  St Petersburg Russia 585 Gold452 locations New store design
Complete as of May 2020