CBG Virtual buying show January 2021

If you are a CBG member store and received one of my postcards….Welcome! I appreciate you taking time to check out my website. I have been in the display industry since joining Chippenhook as CEO in 1987.

I cannot grade diamonds or cast mountings but I am really good at displaying and selling yours.

Frankly the best idea is to send me some photos of your cases, your EDGE Inventory performance report by category for the last 365 days, and let’s set up a time to talk. I am happy to spend 30-60 minutes with you offering FREE suggestions. If you want me to come to your store and fix your issues, I charge $3450 for a 3 day visit. I do consult remotely as well. If you need new disploays, I can help you, design what you need, and order them at a discount from vendors I know will do a good job.

Call me at 817-980-2135 and let’s talk. Masks are not required.